4 Steps to Making Money with Your List

4 Steps to Making Money with Your List

If you want your business to grow, one of the most important things you can do right now is to start building your email list.

Here are the 4 fastest ways to build your email list starting right now:

Step 1: Get a Lead Capture Page

If you want to build a list, the first thing you need is a lead capture page. You can get yours for free at LeadPages.net.

Once you have a lead capture page, you’ll need to write some copy on it. If you are brand new, my advice to you is to model other good pages you’ve seen out there.

When people land on your lead capture page, you’ll be collecting their email address, but all those email addresses need to go somewhere. That’s why you need the next step…

Step 2: Get an Email Auto-responder

An email auto-responder is by far the best way for you to send bulk emails. This service lets you email everyone at one time with just one click of your mouse.

There are several out there like AWeber.com, GetResponse.com, or MailChimp.com.

But if nobody sees your lead capture page, nobody will put in their email address. That’s why you need to…

Step 3: Drive Traffic to Your Lead Capture Page

Facebook Ads are the BEST way to drive traffic to your page. Facebook now has over 1 billion users, giving you the ultimate platform to find the best prospects.

But as you get into learning about Facebook ads, it is VERY important to spend two or three hours making ads and applying what you just learned.

I see so many people in this industry learning and learning, but then they procrastinate and never take action.

Step 4: Send Daily E-mails to Your List

When people click on your ad, they get sent to your lead capture page, and usually about one-third of them will put in their email address. So now that you’re building your list, it’s time to log in and start sending daily emails to your list.

When you write emails, make sure to keep it interesting. But more importantly, you need to make sure you’re promoting offers with your affiliate link. And when they buy, you get commissions!

So Get Out There and Take Action – It’s the ONLY way you’ll ever start building a list.

Trust me, you’ll be a lot happier when you start making more commissions from your growing list.

And if you want to build your list even faster, I have a great opportunity for you…

It’s called The Laptop Lifestyle System, and it has paid regular people like you over $103 million in commissions.

The system was designed for normal people (like us), gives you a coach, and teaches you how to get leads online. The company behind this system builds the websites, fulfills the products, and sells your leads into higher priced programs that you continue getting commissions on – for life.

And every time our phone team closes a sale, you could make BIG commissions of $1,250, $5,500, or $10,000 per sale… and sometimes more!

All you have to do is bring in the leads, which I do mostly through free social media, and this company does the rest for you.

You’re just one step away from changing your life and financial future forever.

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Do You Embrace Challenge? (Income tip)…

Do You Embrace Challenge? (Income tip)…


This means you’re All the Way IN!
AMOR FATI- is a latin term that basically means “love of one’s fate”.
To accept the events or situations in one’s life, and to even thrive in them. Whatever you’re going through…
Think of things like this…
What happens when you throw something in a scorching hot fire?
Junk, trash, good, bad, terrible, it simply becomes fuel for the flames.
It burns stronger and brighter.
Give it all you’ve got!!
A powerful thought?
Is when we live like a fire.
Everything we experience is treated like fuel and makes us that much stronger.
“Amor Fati!”
Building an online business, like anything worthwhile, will have it’s challenges and ups and downs.
Use it all as fuel.
Because the only way up, is to figure the next step out, and to just keep going and going.
If you need a great system to follow?
===> Go through these 21 Steps
It’s designed to show you how to get high ticket commissions, up to $10K .
Just start at step one, remember today’s note, and get to Step 21 as fast as you can.
It shouldn’t take you long, and you’ll be ready to do this, okay?
Time to go blaze some trails!

How Selling $10K Products is Easier than $10 Sales…

How Selling $10K Products is Easier than $10 Sales…

Getting big ticket commissions does not have to be any harder than this.

I know sometimes I talk about some pretty big numbers here.




Even $10K commissions and higher.

And you may be thinking, “It’s going to be ten times harder for me to sell a big ticket item like that, over selling something for under $97.”

I get it.

Seems logical to think that way.

However, does it take any more effort to sell a $100K Tesla over a $20K Honda?

No, not at all.

You’re simply selling to another piece of the marketplace, with different needs, wants, and desires.

And so, we must try not to sell from “our” viewpoints and wants, right? And often, that’s exactly what people do.


As you’re going through the 21 steps modules, you’ll see how this all comes together, and will likely be much EASIER on your part to get big commissions, not harder.

This is because the system and the business you’ve partnered up with handles all of the selling and fulfillment

Your “job” is mostly one thing…

The rest is handled for you. Just like a guy selling a Tesla doesn’t have to build the car, do the checkups, and give the oil changes, etc.

You’ll also have one task, that you can do in less than 30 minutes a day. And it can result in up to $10K commissions being deposited into your accounts.

Would that be nice?

You can try it out right now, risk-free.

===> OK, I’ll try it out risk-free!

The 2-letter Word to More Wealth and Time…

The 2-letter Word to More Wealth and Time…

Once you get used to this, it may even become FUN…
Learning how to master a 2-letter word can make all the difference in the world!
And the 2-letter word is?
Getting better at both saying no, and getting more comfortable at hearing the word no, can result in breakthrough after breakthrough. Your income can skyrocket. You’ll free up hours each day.
Saying no can also be hard can’t it?
We feel like we may be letting someone down, or it may feel like we’re rejecting them or will be judged ourselves.
There’s also FOMO. The Fear… Of… Missing… Out.

We just don’t want to turn down a good opportunity.
I get it.
But if we can let go of all that, and just so “No” when we need to?
Then we’re able to get results and focus on what really, truly matters to us.
This may help…
Imagine you’re going to the airport. You’ve booked and paid for a vacation to Hawaii.
The plane takes off in one hour.
Your friend calls and wants to have lunch.
“You down for tacos, buddy?!”
Would you have a problem saying NO to the invite?
Likely not, right?
Because, you have a clear purpose and destination. You’ve got an agenda.
Set plans.
There’s somewhere you’re going.
So here’s the thing.
Shouldn’t all our days be like this?
We don’t want to be like a ship at sail without a destination. At the whim of every wave and change of winds.
With a finite purpose in your days, just like being headed to the airport, it can be much, much easier to say no.

As I mentioned, being a bit better at saying no can free up hours and hours of your time. So if building a nice income on the side has been a big goal of yours, but time has been an issue…
This should help you free up the 30 to 60 minutes or so a day that’s required to build up to a nice side income.
===> Try the step-by-step system I use
If you can find about 30-60 minutes a day, and can follow the plan, it can result in up to $10K commissions.
You won’t get to $10K overnight, but we’ll start with a plan to get your first commission up to $1k.
Then you’ll be off to the races.

How to Avoid “Analysis Paralysis”

How to Avoid “Analysis Paralysis”

One of the biggest mistakes you could ever make in your business… or life… is getting “Analysis Paralysis.”

And if I had to make a bet, I would guess that 90% of online marketers are making the same mistake right now.

They’re thinking, “If I want to start earning more, I need to keep learning more.”

Here’s the problem…

Too much learning causes “Analysis Paralysis.”

If you’re always stuck in knowledge acquisition mode, you might feel busy and accomplished, but in reality, time is just passing you by.

You might wake up six-months from now and still not have any sales, and there’s only one thing to blame.

“Analysis Paralysis” is wasting your precious time AND your precious money.

If you spend all day learning, but not doing the things that actually bring in revenue, you will never make any money.

Getting on more webinars, and buying more books will not make you any money – UNLESS you actually apply what you learn and get some experience.

The answer is simple: You need to take action and get qualified people in front of your offer. You could even start right now – simply go write a Facebook Ad tonight before dinner.

It’s time to stop learning, stop procrastinating, and its time to start doing.

And if you want to cut your learning curve even faster, I have a good opportunity for you.

It’s called the Internet Funnel System and it could bring you more extra money than you ever thought possible.

With this system, you don’t need business or management experience for this program, and you won’t have to deal with customers, returns, or fulfillment.

All you need to do is leverage my 21-Step program, and you could make $5,000 to $10,000 (or more) per month in extra income.

There’s NO building websites, NO selling anything over the phone or in person, and you need NO computer skills to get started.

Plus, since it’s an online business, you’ll never even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

When you learn these 21-Steps, you’ll discover the real “secret” to wealth—a marketing system that takes online leads and converts them into money for you.

In fact, you’ll be getting paid $1,250… $3,300… $5,500… even $10,000 in commissions for every sale that our phone team makes for you.

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