Some Will Profit, Some Will Perish (FB tip)

Some Will Profit, Some Will Perish (FB tip)

Big changes are happening!

Big changes are happening!

As you are likely aware, FB is one of the best places you can target your market, and get steady leads and sales rolling in.


Facebook had a recent meeting with their investors, etc.

And the hot topic?

They’re hitting Max Ad Load.

There’s millions of advertisers, and only so much ad space…

Which means ad costs will go up, up, UP.

It’s already up 35% on average over last year.

For many, they’re going to watch their profitable ads slip away into the deep blue.

But for a few others…

This is going to leave a huge GAP of opportunity wide open for us to profit from!

Here’s what I mean…

If you’re able to get high profit margin commissions, usually a $500 plus offer?

Then increased ad costs aren’t such a big deal.

If you can pay $250 and get a $1,000 plus sale?

Then having to invest $450 to get a $1,000 plus commission is still PRETTY GOOD!


There’s not a lot of leveraged and lifestyle friendly ways I know of to generate high-ticket commissions for yourself.

But I do know of one…

===> Get high-ticket commissions up to $1,000 – $10,000 or more..

In just minutes, as you dig thru Module 1, you’ll know more than 99% on how to generate high ticket commissions.

Why “Measurements” Matter. A LOT…

Why “Measurements” Matter. A LOT…

Big changes are happening!

A guaranteed way to improve.

Theodore Roosevelt once said:

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

And along this line of thoughts, I’d 100% agree!

But in business?

I’d say, comparisons against ourselves (or our results) is the fastest fuel to your growth!

Here’s why…

What’s measured is what will get improved.

That’s it.

Point blank.

Most never improve much in anything, because they’re not measuring ANYTHING.

Let’s say you want to get to $5K or $10K months on the side…

You follow something like:

===> This proven plan

Or whatever plan you have.

With the system above, your only task really is to drive leads as they teach you.


If you drive 300 leads this month, and you only make $2,500?

What does that “measurement” tell you that you now need to do?

600 leads could get you to $5K next month, or 1,200 leads could get you to $10K months, right?

So that process may simply mean you reinvest some of your profits from this month, so you can drive more ads!

Measuring this way is how you can go from $0 to $10K, $50K months and up…

But if you’re not measuring?

You may just give up, or stay at $2,500 or less…

It’s all in measuring, measuring, and measuring ANYTHING you want to improve in your life.

It’s not hard.

In fact it’s quite invigorating once you start!

It could even be life changing?

===> Here’s the system I use to get more income on the side…

If you’ll measure and track leads with this, you can earn a GREAT income, part-time.

When would you like to start?


How to Stay on the Cutting Edge in this Industry

How to Stay on the Cutting Edge in this Industry

If you’re an online business owner, it seems like every day there’s some new social media platform, online traffic strategy, or get-in-before-everyone-else investment.

And with each new trend, you see another “guru” claiming to be the World’s #1 Authority on the subject.

At first, their advice sounds good, but when you dig deeper you find they don’t have PROVEN results to back up their claims.

But what if there was a single, easy-to-consume resource that compiled the best advice from “in the trenches” business owners, marketers, and investors who only open their mouths after they get proven results…

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Big changes are happening!
Kill procrastination forever…
Many good, smart and hardworking people think they lack the “follow thru” gene.
And so they’re quick to hold themselves back, labelling themselves as chronic procrastinators.
But really, it just takes a teeeeny tweak in their strategy to turn it all around!
I’ll relate it this way…
Many people that are trying to quit an addictive habit, like drugs or alcohol?
They feel it’s too much to have to quit the habit FOREVER.
Sounds very daunting, right?
They’re often reminded of this one thing, which I hear is posted up on the walls of these places, like AAA:
That’s all the sign says…
But it reminds them that they don’t have to worry about forever!
Following X number of steps for X number of days.
Because all they have is today at hand.
Can you do it, TODAY.
Another guy I know is worth hundreds of millions, and he tells himself something similar.
“Everything ends.”
He knows that whatever he must do to get the results he wants, everything will end.
A 10 minute task.
A phone conversation.
Focusing 1 hr on something.
Everything ends.
So he just does it.
“Everything ends, everything ends, everything ends,” he tells himself.
He’ll get to go to sleep a bit later that night, just like everybody else.
I hope this makes sense, and I hope this is helpful?
It was quite the “AHA” when I heard it too.
Especially in this business…
===> Like with this system here
You need to be able to send leads every day, ideally.
But it doesn’t have to take but 30 to 60 minutes to do it.
So, if you follow the steps above, and focus JUST FOR TODAY…
…Keeping it simple…
You can arrive at $10K plus months, month after month as a nice result.
Make sense?
===> Give it a try here, and use the plan above to get it done…

** No intent to rush, but right now they have several complimentary openings to free coaching to help you with this.

The Top 3 Ways to Make Money with Your Email List

The Top 3 Ways to Make Money with Your Email List

If you want your business to grow, one of the most important things you can do right now is to start building your email list.

Step 1: Get a Lead Capture Page

The first thing you need to build an email list is a lead capture page. You can get one free at

Once you have a lead capture page, you’ll need to write some copy on it.

If you are brand new, my advice to you is to model other good pages you’ve seen out there as a template for good messaging.

Step 2: Drive Traffic to Your Lead Capture Page

Facebook Ads are the best way to drive traffic to your page. Facebook now has over 1 billion users. It’s the ultimate platform to find the best prospects.

But as you get into learning about Facebook ads, it is VERY important to spend two or three hours making ads and applying what you just learned.

Step 3: Send Daily E-mails to Your List

When people click on your ad, they get sent to your lead capture page, and usually about one-third of them will put in their email address.

So now it’s time to log in and start sending daily emails to your list. When you write emails, make sure to keep it interesting.

But more importantly, you need to make sure you’re promoting offers with your affiliate link. And when they buy, you get commissions!

If you’re ready to see your business to take off even faster, I have a great opportunity for you today…

It’s called The Laptop Lifestyle System and it has paid regular people like you over $103 million in commissions.

The system was designed for normal people (like you), gives you a coach, and teaches you how to get leads online.

The company behind this system builds the websites, fulfills the products, and sells your leads into higher priced programs that you continue getting commissions on – for life.

And every time our phone team closes a sale, you could make BIG commissions of $1,250, $5,500, or $10,000 per sale… and sometimes more!

All you have to do is bring in the leads, which I do mostly through free social media, and this company does the rest for you.

You’re just one step away from changing your life and financial future forever.

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