She realized: “NO ONE’S COMING…”

She realized: “NO ONE’S COMING…”

Are You Waiting to be Picked? To Win? Is whatever life sends your way, good or bad, OK with you?

We live in a culture that gets us to buy into our INNER DOUBTS…

A culture of waiting to BE PICKED.

…To be WON.

What’s the difference then from those that remain a cog in the wheel, and those that break free and succeed?

Check out this quote from the Wizard of Oz movie…

“And yes, of course, it’s true Dorothy, you’ve had the slippers on your feet all along, haven’t you?”

The difference?

It’s in our ACTIONS.

Dorothy decided that the MISSION was more important than the noise chattering around in her head 24/7/365…

She stands up, makes bold choices, despite her fears. Despite her thoughts.

And sometimes BECAUSE of them…

Her ACTION seems magical.
Yet it’s in all of us.

It’s in YOU.

Embracing Freedom means we don’t wait.

We stand up, and make choices everyday, because it’s our life to run, no others…

Make sense?

Hope this helps out!

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It’s ALL in our DAILY actions and choices!

We can watch Netflix, or Build up a profitable business that frees us to do whatever we want with our lives…

The choice is ours to make…

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A Professional Approach to Maximizing Your Online Revenues

A Professional Approach to Maximizing Your Online Revenues

Modern marketing methods such as email marketing, social media marketing and other web-based marketing, offer huge advantages over more traditional marketing methods. They are faster, more specific and less expensive, often free.
But they have disadvantages as well….
The Internet Remembers Everything
One of the biggest is that anything you create and post online is permanent and instantly accessible to anybody on the web. That means if you mistakenly post something that is inappropriate, misinformed, objectionable or misguided, it will live forever on the internet, even if you attempt to delete it or remove it.
A lot of internet users have learned this lesson the hard way. Just ask high school students whose college applications have been rejected because of photos they posted from drinking parties.
Or that unlucky congressman who thought it would be a good idea to send “private” photos to inappropriate recipients, only to see their intimate images end up on newspaper front pages.
Keep It Clean and Family-Friendly
Anytime a new technology changes the marketplace, there is a learning curve as people adjust to the new opportunities and pitfalls that the improvements offer. This is precisely what is happening today with internet marketing.
To avoid disenfranchising a portion of your existing or future customer base, it’s a good idea to always keep your emails, social media postings, or any postings anywhere completely professional and free from anything that could be considered objectionable.
Although it’s important that your postings be positive, fun and approachable, avoid using any kind of questionable language; making jokes that could be considered racist, sexist or offensive to any group of people; or even expressing controversial political or social opinions.
Act Like a True Professional     
What you post online – whether it is a private email, a Facebook status update, a Twitter “tweet” or a throwaway comment on somebody’s blog post – will live forever online and can always come back to haunt you.
Be professional, show restraint and avoid posting anything that could in any way get you into trouble later.
Take Full Advantage of Automation
One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that list generation and maintenance are usually automated.
Your autoresponder program will take care of capturing the email addresses of people who respond to your inquiries, compiling those addresses in any combination of email lists you require.
And your autoresponder will send out targeted emails to every address on each of the lists, without your ever having to “touch” any of those addresses by manually inputting it or altering it in any way. This cuts down on emails being sent to the wrong address or people receiving your marketing materials when they don’t want them.
Give Customers an ‘Out’
But some maintenance to keep your list timely and accurate is still required from you. In order to maintain good customer relations, you should always offer an “opt-out” box on any email that you send out.
This option asks the customer if they would like to stop receiving emails and promotions from you. It has the dual benefit of making your customer think you care about what they want and cleaning up your email list by removing people who aren’t interested in your products.
If customers ask you to stop sending them your emails, you need to comply with their wishes. If you don’t, there is a good possibility they will report you to your internet provider or web master and your account can be suspended or even banned, putting you out of commission, if only temporarily. It’s also simply good business.
Another way to keep your list up to date is to stop sending emails to recipients if they fail to respond or even open one of your emails after several attempts. In most cases, your autoresponder program will be able to keep track of this and you can determine the number of attempts prior to terminating the address automatically.
Monitoring the social media marketing landscape is vital to your success. If you’d like to have access
to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

Are You Seeing Others Succeed & Asking “WHY NOT ME?!”

Are You Seeing Others Succeed & Asking “WHY NOT ME?!”

If you’re tired of seeing others in nice homes, cars, and living the lifestyle you’d like to have…

I was flipping through the pages of a book, The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson…

(Highly recommend you read it!)

Stopped dead in my tracks at the part where he talks about the day he was out in the scorching Florida sun…

Cutting grass at a wealthy golf course. As he was sputtering around on the mower…

He spotted the members smiling and zipping around in their golf carts… He saw them sporting their dapper outfits and pulling expensive clubs out of their fancy golf bags…

And these thoughts started simmering in his mind…

Why is it they’re over there riding in cars and I’m over here working? I don’t get it!

Why are they over there putting and I’m over here cutting?

Are they working 10, 20 times harder than me??

Are they 10, 20 times smarter than me?

He didn’t think so…

What was going ON…??

Though his mind was as clear as mud at first… this day was defined as his day of disgust…

He resolved he’d never settle for less than he deserved, one more solitary day…

And the secret he discovered and talks about in his book?


Committing to doing “a teeny bit” more than the average person will do…

It’s going through a module of a course when you’d rather watch Netflix.

It’s spending $5 a day on FB Ads to build your list OVER spending that on a sugary Mocha Frappuccino Latte at Starbucks…

It’s using Willpower to MAKE an offer every day instead of looking to buy and CONSUME an offer every day…

Making sense here?

It’s the tiny DAILY DECISIONS that gives you the life you deserve and DESIRE…

Here’s an incredibly useful question to ask yourself only fifty-eleven times a day…

Will My Future Self THANK ME For Making This Decision Right Now?

That’ll keep you on the right track…

Write it down…

Set your phone to remind you of that question…

Let it serve you well…

Here’s a 21 Step System that if followed to the ‘T”? WILL likely put an extra $100k or more in your pockets over the next 12 months…

Without oodles of effort on your part…

Yet, you’ve got to Commit!
Commit to the slight edge…

Pacing thru Module 1, Module 2, and beyond…

Even when you’d rather be watching Game of Thrones or hitting new High Scores on Candy Crush…

I believe you’re a go-getter.

If so?

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5 Ways to Find the Best Digital Products that People Desperately Want

5 Ways to Find the Best Digital Products that People Desperately Want

Affiliate marketing is a real and legitimate business model that is used by more than 1.5 million people on Clickbank alone. Affiliate marketing has always been around, but it has erupted into enormous popularity because of the Internet.
The reason why is because besides entertainment, people use the Internet mostly to search for products and services that they want to buy. With the World Wide Web, there are no international borders. People living in Katmandu can buy from you just as easily as people down the street.
So the pool of potential customers is simply enormous. Given that there are at least 1 billion people online at any given moment — which is a conservative estimate — any product you can possibly imagine has buyers out there somewhere.
No Delivery Limitations
With digital products such as eBooks, audio courses, video series and so on there’s not even any delivery issues to consider. You don’t need to mail or transport physical products to people. All you need to do is make it possible for people to download digital products to any device anywhere instantly.
The profit potential for affiliate products is limitless. There is no cap to the number of products you can promote or how many people you can promote them to. In fact, the larger your product line and the bigger your customer base, the more money you can stand to earn.
You don’t even have to worry about administration of your sales program because you are only the representative of somebody else. You don’t have to track sales or even collect taxes. All you have to do is promote products and cash checks.
Connect to Affiliate Networks
The easiest place to find affiliate products are through affiliate networks. These are places that offer thousands — and in some cases millions — of products, both physical and digital, that you can promote as an affiliate marketer.
Essentially, these affiliate networks act as clearinghouses for affiliate products so you can simply go to them, find products you want to promote and then start promoting them to your customers … whether they be your friends and family, you social media network, your email subscription list, or whoever you want.
Non-Exclusive Networks
Now, you might think that affiliate networks are exclusive regarding who represents their products, but that’s not really the case. Generally, just about anybody is allowed to promote affiliate products, as long as they are legitimate, don’t use underhanded tactics and don’t misrepresent themselves to their customers.
Most affiliate networks are free to join. Obviously, you don’t need to create your own products. And, usually, the affiliate network will provide you with all the marketing tools you need to promote their products for free.
You usually will get emails you can copy and paste to your subscription list, ad copy you can use if you want to buy Pay-Per-Click Ads or other types of ads, even pre-written blogs you can use as your own to promote specific products.
One of the largest affiliate networks on the planet is As you probably are aware, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer.
But what you may not be aware of is that Amazon sells about 40 percent of its products via affiliates … or people just like you that promote Amazon products on their blogs, on their Facebook page, in Tweets or wherever and lead customers back to Amazon to buy them.
Commission Junction
For digital products, there are countless affiliate networks, some good, some not so good. One of the biggest is Commission Junction.
But probably the best on is Clickbank. It offers more than 46,000 different digital products covering every imaginable niche. Because Clickbank offers such a wide variety of products in so many different niches, it’s the top affiliate network for you to look for products to promote.
What makes it even better is that Clickbank offers commissions of up to 75 and 85 percent on the products you sell. No wonder it processes more than 35,000 transactions per day and generates about $350 million per year in revenue.
Clickbank also operates in 200 different countries, so when you promote their products, you truly have a global customer base.
Monitoring the social media marketing landscape is vital to your success. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

You Can Make Money as an Amazon Associate Starting Today

You Can Make Money as an Amazon Associate Starting Today

As an Internet marketer, you probably already know that promoting other people’s products is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to make money online. But what type of products you can promote with your affiliate marketing business?
The answer is … anything.
A Global Marketplace
You can promote literally anything and there are both people out there who will buy it and other people who are selling it who are more than happy to pay you to lead paying customers to them – both physical and digital products.
Have you ever heard of a website called Of course you have! It’s the world’s largest online retailer. Amazon offers every imaginable product for sale, from sailboats to books, from DVDs to vacation homes. If you can think it, Amazon sells it.
But did you know that Amazon will pay you to promote their products? It’s true!
Promoting Amazon’s Products
Amazon has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates. All you do is sign up — for free — select which products from their vast catalogue of products that you want to promote and then start selling.
You can promote the products you have selected just about anywhere … from your blog to your Facebook page to your web page. You can send out emails to people on your subscription list telling them about the products you are promoting.
You can promote products on Twitter. You can use your Instagram account. All you need is the ability to give your buyers a link that they can follow back to Amazon and buy the products you are promoting and you get paid.
Getting Started
When you sign up with Amazon Associates, you can select any of the millions of products offered by Amazon.
Then, when you make your selections, you are given a personalized URL. This is the link to the Amazon product that you are promoting. You can insert that link into your web page, social media posts, emails, blogs or anywhere you like.
Whenever somebody clicks on the URL, they are led directly to the Amazon page where they can purchase that product. When they buy the product, an identification code embedded in the URL tells Amazon who should receive the commission.
Money in the Bank
Amazon also maintains its own payment system, so you don’t need to have PayPal or another payment program to participate. Commissions can be held in the Amazon account, used to purchase products on the site, or can be sent directly to you via your bank account, a check or a prepaid debit card. There are more than 900,000 members in the Amazon Affiliate program.
How much commission do you get paid? It depends on the product you sell but it begins at 4 percent.
It also depends on how many products you sell for Amazon. Generally, the more units you sell, the higher your commission, with the highest commission they pay right now being 8.5 percent.
Another Money-Making Option
ClickBank is a website that specializes in digital products such as eBooks, videos, audio recordings … anything that can be downloaded through your computer. Unlike Amazon, Clickbank doesn’t sell any physical products, which actually makes it really efficient because they don’t have to worry about delivery systems, securing inventory and all that stuff.
Okay, the best thing about Clickbank is that they pay up to 75% commission on affiliate sales that you make. The commission varies from product to product, but essentially it stays within the 70% to 75% range for the digital products that you promote through Clickbank.
Think about that for a minute. Let’s say you are promoting an eBook on your web page related to health and fitness. The book costs 10 dollars. Somebody goes to your page, reads about the book, clicks on the link and buys it. BANG! You just made $7.50.
Now, let’s say you did a good job or promoting this product on your web page and you also did a good job or getting people to visit your web page. If that’s the case, then it wouldn’t at all unusual for 100 people to buy the eBook through the link on you page.
Congratulations! You just made$750. If a thousand people buy it, you make $7,500. And so on and so on.
Monitoring the social media marketing landscape is vital to your success. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.