If Money Doesn’t Seem to Hang Around You for Very Long…

If Money Doesn’t Seem to Hang Around You for Very Long…

Does it Seem like money flows only to the wealthy and the lucky?

Apply this FRAME to your life asap, if you want the lifestyle they have…

Would you say that money is exciting and adventurous?

In reality?
Money just sits there!
It’s boring really. We rarely make $100, then spread out all the $20, $10, and $5 bills over the table and admire all those little faces…

Most of the time, it’s in the bank and we don’t even ever see it!

Money doesn’t think, feel, know, care.
It doesn’t play favorites.
It’s just a piece of paper.
A little gold bullion.
A piece of metal.
What matters?
It’s the STORY we attach to it.

The “story” of how money will thrill us, serve us, or scare us. The story about what money is doing, what it is going to do…

The HEAVENS and HELLS money can bring our way…
Without our stories?
It’s just NOT Personal.
And THAT is so powerful for us.

Because it means we can focus on doing what we love doing.
Adding value to others, and making as much as we want along the way, without all the story and pains attached…

You are no longer a victim to money, or your STORIES about money. And this puts you in FULL CONTROL of your happiness AND finances.
Making sense?
Truly hope this helps!
I say this, in part, because this whole “money-making” journey can be FUN and very rewarding, in every way…

This business is so enthralling and lucrative when approached this way!
And most just don’t get it.
When you’re ready…
I’m here to help…

===> YES! I’m Ready to Attract as Much Money MY WAY as I Desire, without any Story Attached to it!

Oh… and Remember… Money itself is lifeless and boring. It doesn’t care WHO has it!

Just focus on THESE 21 STEPS… to online paydays up to ten grand and higher! You down for that??

Top 5 Ways to Convert Customers with Your Sales Letters

Top 5 Ways to Convert Customers with Your Sales Letters

If you have created an original info product, you have completed about half your task as an Internet marketer. The remaining part of journey toward marketing success is promoting your product so that highly-targeted customers can find it. For that, you are going to need a sales page. And you need to “Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse!“.
A sales page essentially is an advertisement for the product you have created. But unlike traditional print advertising like a newspaper or magazine ad or a television or radio commercial, your sales page has to not only explain what your product is all about, but also convince the prospective customers reading it that it is essential that they buy your product. As such, sales pages don’t so much suggest as they demand.
If you are just starting out in online marketing, you may not have a big marketing budget. Creating an effective sales letter is the perfect option for a low-cost or no-cost Internet marketing campaign because you can use squeeze pages, Search Engine Optimization and other no-cost techniques to attract traffic to you sales page.
Sales Page Structure
Once your prospective customers arrive on your sales page, it should follow a predictable structure. Remember that your readers arrived at your sales page by following a link on your squeeze page or by clicking on a URL on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for your product’s niche.
If you present your readers with structure that is unfamiliar they very likely will click off your page immediately. If your sales page looks like a lot of other sales page, don’t worry: Your customers arrived there because they are looking specifically for the kinds of products you are promoting. Now all you have to do is to use the copy on your sales page to convince them to do what they already want to do in the first place.
Writing World-Class Headlines
The headline on our sales page is your first opportunity to draw your readers into your text. It should get right to the point and use direct, active language to engage your readers. Because you have only a moment or two to connect with your readers, you want to use your headline to express a powerful result: What is it that your product is going to do to improve your readers’ lives.
In other words, let your prospective customers know right away why they can’t live without your product. In addition to using action words in your headline, try to include emotionally stirring language so your headline “pops” off the page and immediately connects with your readers.
Creating Scarcity
Beneath your headline, you want to provide details about your product that are going to make it irresistible to your readers. In the first section, you want to set up a common problem that your readers may have. Then introduce your product as the best and possibly only solution for that problem.
Near the end of your sales letter, you want to incentivize your readers to purchase your product. One of the best ways to do this is to create scarcity. Tell your readers there is only a limited number of your product available, if it is going to be unavailable in the very near future, or come up with another way to motivate your readers to act immediately otherwise they may risk not having access to your product again.
Bonuses, Upsells and Back-End
You can add value to your product by including one to three free bonuses that your customers will receive when they purchase your product. Typically, you want to mention what each bonus is worth so that later you can show how much buyers are getting for their money.
Upsells and back-end offers are secondary offers that are made after your customer already has decided to purchase your product. Usually, after they submit their payment information, they are taken to another screen where you can offer them more – usually higher priced – products that are related to your original product.
The Guarantee
You almost always want to offer an unconditional 30- or 60-day guarantee. This removes any risk for the customer.
It’s also a good policy for the seller of the info product to back up their sales pitch with an iron-clad guarantee. Your goal is not to sell your clients a single info product, but to develop them into loyal, long-term customers who will buy a series of products or services from you over time.
If they aren’t satisfied with the quality of the original product, giving them their money back with no questions asked is a great way to restore confidence and keep them loyal to your business.
Monitoring the social media marketing landscape is vital to your success. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

Get Your Online Customers to Strike While the Iron is Hot

Get Your Online Customers to Strike While the Iron is Hot

Did you know that the “impulse items” you see at the checkout line of your local grocery store are some of the best-selling items in the store? It’s true. And the reason why holds some important lessons for your online marketing efforts.
The Value of Convenience
If you ask your grocery store customer to spend too much time considering the decision of whether or not to buy these items, you will almost certainly lose the sale.
Why? Because they will come to realize that for the same price of the single bottle of ice cold soda they are grabbing, they could practically get a six pack if they were to take the time to walk back to the soda aisle.
Ah, but that would mean they would have to lose their place in line.
And if they stop to think about the gossip magazine they are grabbing — which usually costs a relatively
high amount of money compared to other magazines, especially for what they are getting — they probably would put it back.
The Power of Impulse Buying
But the grocery line is moving and they have to make a split second decision on whether or not to add it to their pile of groceries. And since they don’t have time to consider it, odds are that if they are on the fence they will impulsively buy it.
So consider your squeeze page visitor. If they are surfing the net and they come across your squeeze page, while they may not be in a moving grocery line, their time is still limited. That’s because there are literally millions of other pages they can go to that are competing with your squeeze page for their attention.
Cater to Your Customers’ Impulses
So you want to make your squeeze page as fast and effective as possible. You don’t have time to present a lengthy treatise on why your product is the best, how it has been supported by experts and list a myriad of reports to back up your claim.
You have to make your arguments using bullet points, which is almost a shorthand version of what you are trying to communicate to them.
Remember, the key is to show them how what you are offering … your Lead Magnet Report, which is another name for your free giveaway … is going to solve some sort of problem they are having in their lives or in some way make their lives better.
So whatever your niche is, you need to frame your giveaway as a problem solver using bullet points.
Different Rules Apply
Usually in prose writing, capital letters, underlining, exclamation points, different colors and bold print are usually discouraged. But a squeeze page is a unique document in which the normal rules of prose are thrown out the window.
The sole purpose of the email or squeeze page is to convert a prospect into following your CTA. As the writer, it is your job to use every weapon at your disposal to achieve this objective.
Having said that, it is generally better to start slow and build up as you get closer to the end. That means if you pepper your prose with a lot of words in capital letters or exclamation points right from the beginning, you are likely to come off as a crazy person, and therefore unreliable.
But if, as you move through your sales pitch, you gradually implement some of these tools in a natural way to emphasize growing excitement about the amazing properties of the product you are selling, they can be effective in getting your reader to share in your excitement.
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Use Forums and Social Media Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Web Pages

Use Forums and Social Media Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Web Pages

Forums are a great place to post articles that include links to your web pages. Forums are places where people interested in a particular topic can go to read posts by other people interested in the same niche.
All of the big internet sites – such as Google, Yahoo and Bing – offer forums on every topic imaginable. Even social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn host forums where you can post your articles. Your articles can even be broken up into smaller pieces and posted as comments to other people’s forum postings.
Any Topic, Anywhere
Forums on just about any topic can be found on any of the big internet services – such as Bing, Yahoo and Google – or look for forums on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
The more forums you post on, the more opportunities you have to attract customers to your squeeze page. Plus your posts will remain available to the search engines for a long time.
Better than Backlinks
Backlinks were the primary way Google and search engines determined a sites ranking up until a couple of years ago. But Google changed its search engine algorithm in 2011 and again in 2012 to put less emphasis on backlinks and more emphasis on social approval signals.
These are things like Facebook “Likes”, Google+ +1’s, and the number of times your link has been Tweeted on Twitter.
What happened was that a lot of people in Internet marketing figured out that having a lot of backlinks would get your pages ranked high. So they started to create hundreds of artificial backlinks just to fool Google into thinking that their site was more important than it actually was.
Panda and Penguin
And it worked … for a while. Eventually, Google figured out what was happening and that’s when it rolled out its Panda and Penguin upgrades to its search engine algorithm.
These two upgrades now give more weight to social approval, and it makes sense because social media is the way people today let other people know about the things they like the most.
So if your website gets a lot of social approval, it’s going to be ranked high on Google.
Attracting Social Approval Signals
The key to getting a lot of social approval is to be active on social media. Although it’s free, it tends to take a lot of time and effort … which, of course, is one of the hallmarks of a free traffic method. You also have to make it easy for people to give you social approval — so you want to include widgets on your web pages that let them give you Facebook “Likes” and Google+ +1’s right there from your page.
Another benefit of social media marketing is that it’s easy to categorize users according to preferences.
So in addition to using it to get social approval to improve your page rankings and boost your traffic, you also target your affiliate products to a highly specialized group of consumers: Those who are looking to buy exactly the products they are promoting.
Building Relationships
Social media sites are more informal than sales pages or retail sites, so your marketing plan needs to take a non-traditional approach. You can’t just send ads for your affiliate products to your Facebook friends or Twitter followers because they will think you are spamming them and will block you. Instead, to be successful you have to take the time to develop personal relationships with your customers.
Once you have gained their trust, you can promote your products in the form of product reviews,recommendations and offhand remarks, rather than blatant promotion.
When launching a social media marketing campaign, you want to identify people who are interested in the types of products you are promoting.
For example, search for Facebook, LinkedIn and Skype groups that are related to your niche, join them and interact with other members. Use Twitter tags … which are hash marks followed by keywords, such as #Forex … to find tweets about your niche. Then follow the people who are sending them. On Twitter, if you follow somebody, they usually will follow you back.
Monitoring the social media marketing landscape is vital to your success. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

Are You Seeing Others Succeed & Asking “WHY NOT ME?!”

Are You Seeing Others Succeed & Asking “WHY NOT ME?!”

If you’re tired of seeing others in nice homes, cars, and living the lifestyle you’d like to have…

I was flipping through the pages of a book, The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson…

(Highly recommend you read it!)

Stopped dead in my tracks at the part where he talks about the day he was out in the scorching Florida sun…

Cutting grass at a wealthy golf course. As he was sputtering around on the mower…

He spotted the members smiling and zipping around in their golf carts… He saw them sporting their dapper outfits and pulling expensive clubs out of their fancy golf bags…

And these thoughts started simmering in his mind…

Why is it they’re over there riding in cars and I’m over here working? I don’t get it!

Why are they over there putting and I’m over here cutting?

Are they working 10, 20 times harder than me??

Are they 10, 20 times smarter than me?

He didn’t think so…

What was going ON…??

Though his mind was as clear as mud at first… this day was defined as his day of disgust…

He resolved he’d never settle for less than he deserved, one more solitary day…

And the secret he discovered and talks about in his book?


Committing to doing “a teeny bit” more than the average person will do…

It’s going through a module of a course when you’d rather watch Netflix.

It’s spending $5 a day on FB Ads to build your list OVER spending that on a sugary Mocha Frappuccino Latte at Starbucks…

It’s using Willpower to MAKE an offer every day instead of looking to buy and CONSUME an offer every day…

Making sense here?

It’s the tiny DAILY DECISIONS that gives you the life you deserve and DESIRE…

Here’s an incredibly useful question to ask yourself only fifty-eleven times a day…

Will My Future Self THANK ME For Making This Decision Right Now?

That’ll keep you on the right track…

Write it down…

Set your phone to remind you of that question…

Let it serve you well…

Here’s a 21 Step System that if followed to the ‘T”?    WILL likely put an extra $100k or more in your pockets over the next 12 months…

Without oodles of effort on your part…

Yet, you’ve got to Commit!
Commit to the slight edge…

Pacing thru Module 1, Module 2, and beyond…

Even when you’d rather be watching Game of Thrones or hitting new High Scores on Candy Crush…

I believe you’re a go-getter.

If so?

==> Check this out yesterday…