Why “Measurements” Matter. A LOT…

Why “Measurements” Matter. A LOT…

Big changes are happening!

A guaranteed way to improve.

Theodore Roosevelt once said:

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

And along this line of thoughts, I’d 100% agree!

But in business?

I’d say, comparisons against ourselves (or our results) is the fastest fuel to your growth!

Here’s why…

What’s measured is what will get improved.

That’s it.

Point blank.

Most never improve much in anything, because they’re not measuring ANYTHING.

Let’s say you want to get to $5K or $10K months on the side…

You follow something like:

===> This proven plan

Or whatever plan you have.

With the system above, your only task really is to drive leads as they teach you.


If you drive 300 leads this month, and you only make $2,500?

What does that “measurement” tell you that you now need to do?

600 leads could get you to $5K next month, or 1,200 leads could get you to $10K months, right?

So that process may simply mean you reinvest some of your profits from this month, so you can drive more ads!

Measuring this way is how you can go from $0 to $10K, $50K months and up…

But if you’re not measuring?

You may just give up, or stay at $2,500 or less…

It’s all in measuring, measuring, and measuring ANYTHING you want to improve in your life.

It’s not hard.

In fact it’s quite invigorating once you start!

It could even be life changing?

===> Here’s the system I use to get more income on the side…

If you’ll measure and track leads with this, you can earn a GREAT income, part-time.

When would you like to start?




Big changes are happening!
Kill procrastination forever…
Many good, smart and hardworking people think they lack the “follow thru” gene.
And so they’re quick to hold themselves back, labelling themselves as chronic procrastinators.
But really, it just takes a teeeeny tweak in their strategy to turn it all around!
I’ll relate it this way…
Many people that are trying to quit an addictive habit, like drugs or alcohol?
They feel it’s too much to have to quit the habit FOREVER.
Sounds very daunting, right?
They’re often reminded of this one thing, which I hear is posted up on the walls of these places, like AAA:
That’s all the sign says…
But it reminds them that they don’t have to worry about forever!
Following X number of steps for X number of days.
Because all they have is today at hand.
Can you do it, TODAY.
Another guy I know is worth hundreds of millions, and he tells himself something similar.
“Everything ends.”
He knows that whatever he must do to get the results he wants, everything will end.
A 10 minute task.
A phone conversation.
Focusing 1 hr on something.
Everything ends.
So he just does it.
“Everything ends, everything ends, everything ends,” he tells himself.
He’ll get to go to sleep a bit later that night, just like everybody else.
I hope this makes sense, and I hope this is helpful?
It was quite the “AHA” when I heard it too.
Especially in this business…
===> Like with this system here
You need to be able to send leads every day, ideally.
But it doesn’t have to take but 30 to 60 minutes to do it.
So, if you follow the steps above, and focus JUST FOR TODAY…
…Keeping it simple…
You can arrive at $10K plus months, month after month as a nice result.
Make sense?
===> Give it a try here, and use the plan above to get it done…

** No intent to rush, but right now they have several complimentary openings to free coaching to help you with this.

Mom’s Money Machine… (cool story!)

Mom’s Money Machine… (cool story!)

I know of one lady who works from her laptop at home, between taking care of her kids and household…


And her kids think she can just tap a button and money pops out of her computer!


So, whenever they want something, like recently when they wanted to go on a nice luxury family vacation…


Mom says, “Let me check our budget out and see what we can do kids…”


And the kids reply in a, “Silly mom!” tone…


“Mom! Just get it out of your computer!”


How cool, right?!


Wouldn’t it be neat if our kids or grandkids viewed what we do that way too?


This 7-Figure Nest Egg System can allow us to make a nice income, in a short period of time, from the comfort of our own homes too!


Our monthly income isn’t limited or restricted either.


And it’s simple enough and the results come quick enough, that you can even start this and support yourself during your retirement years…


(You’ll also build up a nice Nest Egg)


Don’t be surprised if your kids, grandkids, or friends want to know what the heck you’re up to.


If you want more freedom, income, and the ability to live a great life and BE THERE for those YOU love…


===> Try this system out today…


If this can work for Jill, a retired teacher who came out of retirement to do more with her life…


And if it’s worked for others from ALL WALKS of life?


I think it may be able to work for you too.


Spots are limited…And this IS guaranteed to work for you. If it doesn’t, or you aren’t happy in any way…


Or if this doesn’t feel like the right fit for you…


You’ll get a prompt and courteous refund.


No questions asked.


===> On that basis, I’m in


In just minutes, you can know more about how to generate large commission checks, in 60 minutes a day, than 99% of the population will ever know…


And you’ll feel safer knowing what options are now open for you and your family to take advantage of, come what may…

Is the 4-hour Workweek Real?

Is the 4-hour Workweek Real?

Is it really possible to work just 1 to 2 hours a day, and earn up to $10k month after month after month?


===> If you can leverage DFY systems?


(Check out the system Jill’s used to come out of retirement, build a nest egg, and earn up to $50K in her best month yet!)


A bad system will steal your time, make you feel overwhelmed, and eats up your hard-earned cash.


Most of us just don’t have time to waste these days.


So, in my experience…


Here’s what a good system needs:


PROVEN SALES FUNNELS that pays you every few weeks. (gives you the nice income)


DONE FOR YOU fulfillment. (gives you lifestyle)


SIMPLE TO USE. (gives confidence you’ll succeed)


There’s a certain LEVERAGE you’ll need to APPLY in your business and life to make this work for you.


The right leverage is the key to working less, and earning more, even if you’ve only got an hour or two a day to focus on this…


ESPECIALLY if you can only do this part-time!


===> Watch Jill’s brief video that gives You the Leverage Key…


As anything in life, you need to work, and produce value for others to create a great income and lifestyle for yourself.


===> As you’re using this system…


It allows OTHERS to do all the heavy lifting for you. It’s not a loophole. You’re simply piggybacking off of other’s hard-work, yet, it’s a win/win for all as you’ll see…


How soon would you like to get the notification that someone else just earned you a $10k commission?


What “Others” are Doing is Good and All, But…

What “Others” are Doing is Good and All, But…

I’m sure you’re thinking…


That’s great YOU are doing so well with this 7-Figure Nest Egg blueprint…


It’s cool that Jill has been earning a nice income, up to $50K months with this…


It’s nice to HEAR that Matt has paid out over $103 million in commissions to normal folk just like us.




I can probably show you case study after case study, proof coming out the wazoo.


Yet, you probably just want to know that this will work, FOR YOU?


That’s why I don’t want you to just take my word for it.


===> Test the 7-Figure Nest Egg System


And give it an honest to goodness try. Go through the 21 Steps. Put in the hour or two a day to work this in your spare time.


And if you’re not thrilled with YOUR results?


If you’re not building up a nice Nest Egg to retire from, along with a nice income now?


If you don’t see that you’re well on your way to working less, and earning up to $10k per month or more, while you work from home or travel the world…


If you don’t see that’s all happening?


Then they’ll happily hand back your small investment fee to be in this amazing system.


No. Risk. Involved.




This is coming from the heart. Hope it’s coming across that way. 🙂


===> I want you to give this a real try


I’ve just seen it change so many lives for hard-working good people willing to use the system.


And I’m feeling it may do the same for you?


If not? Then at least you’ll have no regrets, because you went ahead and gave it a shot.


No pressure either way.

Get Off the Income Rollercoaster

Get Off the Income Rollercoaster

Imagine a more regular and bigger income…

Just as bad, if not worse than barely having anything left over each month after bills and living expenses?

It’s having an up-and-down income.

If you’re on the income rollercoaster…

You may eat like a king one week and live like a pauper the next.

It can cause stress and tension in marriages and relationships.

What may help steady your paydays and give more financial stability and security for you and your family?

Well here’s the thing…

Most try to hope online to earn a bit more, but they don’t get too far when the commissions they earn are so tiny.

But, what would a BIG JUMP in your income do for you?

===> TRY THIS for a big jump in your income?

Would an extra $1K DAY?

Up to $10K per sale help?

I don’t know about you, but I find the Big Jumps in income is much more helpful for me each month, than small $7 to $47-ish commissions?

Small commissions barely make a DENT in any of my living expenses…

…Much less giving me a nice lifestyle.

===> Big Commissions give me BOTH!

Several have asked, and YES, you’re getting a guarantee soon as you’ve started!

And, it’s DESIGNED to help you make this system work, and get you to $10K months, asap.

Ready for consistent and stable income through high-ticket DFY commissions too?

===> YES! I’m ready to hop off the Income Rollercoaster and earn more!

In your corner.