Should You Just Give Up If You Don’t have Enough Time or Money?

Should You Just Give Up If You Don’t have Enough Time or Money?

“If you are born poor it is not your mistake, but if you die poor it is your mistake” – Bill Gates

If you don’t have the time or money to get started, should you just quit before you get started so you don’t owe any more money?

I’ve heard this question a lot lately, and honestly, it doesn’t really matter what your situation is right now, because you can always find the money if you’re a true entrepreneur.

Here’s my question to you – and actually be honest with yourself when you answer:

When you say you don’t have the time or the money, have you really sat down and deeply thought about how you could find the money or how you could find the time?

If you really put your mind to getting your business off the ground, there’s really no excuse to not to go find some money – especially if you’re living in the western world.

If you live in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Europe, or any other modern country with an Internet connection, you really have NO EXCUSES.

Because the Internet gives you the opportunity to sell products and services to people all over the world. We are incredibly lucky to have all these opportunities around us.

Someone once told me something that has always stuck with me. They said, “It’s not about being a person of resources, it’s about being a resourceful person.”

So if you ever feel like quitting because you don’t have enough money, you should stop yourself right there and change your mindset.

Because a true entrepreneur will go and find the money no matter what.

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The Secret to The 4-Hour Work week phenom…

The Secret to The 4-Hour Work week phenom…

Would you like to work less? And play more?
The book, The 4-Hour Workweek, has been on the bestseller list for years now.
And from the countless number of people that have read it, I believe they have all come to a simple realization.
“I should work less… And have more adventures.”
Now I’m not sure what “adventure” is for you?
Traveling to Greece, Italy, Paris?
Touring pubs in Scotland?
Beaches in Costa Rica?
All of the above?
Maybe it’s more quality time with your mate, kids, or grandkids.
Could be learning a new language, or, mastering a musical instrument.
Maybe adventure for you is being done with work by noon, and then cooking great meals and hanging out with friends and family…
…Sipping Merlot, having great laughs and listening to your favorite music.
Whatever it is for you…
It probably does NOT include being stuck in a cubicle, in a j-o-b you hate or that takes up all your time.
It likely doesn’t include having no time for yourself, friends or family.
It won’t involve having financial worries or pressures either, right?
Now, you can have a great income, but no life. No time to enjoy what you have, with those whom you love.
The book calls those folks the “Old Rich.”
The New Rich (NR) focus on having the time AND income to do what we love, without being tied down by the shackles of a career, or anything else.
The core foundation to set this all up for yourself will be by leveraging…
Value has to be produced, something has to get done for income to come in regularly.
Automation makes it happen.
And that’s why the internet is so incredible for this.
You can set-up a business, on the side, to automate things so you have a nice income.
AND an incredible life.
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There are a lot of options out there.
I simply choose and recommend this one, because nearly all the work has already been done.
So, it’s plug-and-play basically.
And you can earn up to $10K commissions per sale.
To me, nothing frees up your time and lifestyle options more than getting up to $10K commission notifications regularly.
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And you can decide if this looks to be a great fit for you and your circumstances and goals.

AVOID this Word like the Plague…

AVOID this Word like the Plague…

Starting with our feet planted in reality…

There’s a stone-cold killer of a word to avoid in your life like the plague, if you want to reach all your goals and make dreams realities.

It strikes down millions… as they try to improve their health, wealth, relationships and happiness.

That word?



“Tomorrow- a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation, and achievement is stored.”

Very true, isn’t it?!

The thing is, there’s always another tomorrow, isn’t there? The cure is in the NOW.

Now is where EVERYTHING happens.

Just as deadly is another word called…  EXCUSES.

In fact…

They work in partnership together.
Hand-in-hand, to ruin your life.

(How about we split up these two lovebirds, yeah? Read on…)

Excuses come off as…

“I’d like to, but I don’t have enough time.”

“I’d exercise, but I have a bum leg.”

“I’d spend more time with my mate and kids, but I work too much.”

Now, true as they may be, of what real use to us are any excuses??

Nada, zero, zip, right?

Better to start off, honestly, frankly, from wherever you’re at. And then… you can figure things out from where you really, truly are right now in your life.

And here’s the thing, nobody ever has had the “perfect” circumstances to do anything worthwhile.

They could have all had excuses that would’ve held them back.

But when you’re willing to start from where you’re at, in reality?

Then it’s more like:

“I don’t have much time, but how can I MAKE the time to do this with my current schedule and lifestyle?”

“I want to get in better health, what can I do, despite having a bad leg?”

“How can I work less, or use my time wisely, so I make my spouse and kids a top priority in my life, while I still can?”

See the difference?

Same problems.

But instead of sticking to excuses.

We acknowledge where we’re at, and we find a way to still get what we want, in spite of it all.

Seek, and you shall find the answers to get whatever you want in life, from wherever you’re currently at.

Hope this helps.


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Some will make excuses and find a way to not make this work for them.

Others will start from wherever they are at, all the good, bad, and the ugly, and they’ll find a way to make it happen.

Which choice will you make today?

How to Compress Your Goals from 12 to 3 months…

How to Compress Your Goals from 12 to 3 months…

If you could choose to earn an extra 100K in 3 months rather than 12, would you?
There’s an amazing concept called Time Collapsing.
It breaks the norms and can challenge you to question what’s truly possible.

And often, by asking bigger and better questions, we can see the clearly quicker and easier path to reach your goals.
For example:
Goal: I’d like to make 6-figures extra over the next 12 months.
Time Collapsing Q: How can I reach that goal in three months?
That question opens up an entire new world that can make it happen for you.
Selling $7 eBooks?
Yeah, that may take you a year or three to reach that goal. That’s about 14,286 sales.
Even with automation, and the leverage of paid ads to reach your market, that’s a lot of work to do.
So, how do you do it in 3 months?
What if you increased your profit potential?
What if you could earn up to $10K per sale? And you knew there are plenty of people looking for what you are selling?
Wallets out.
Ready to Buy.
That’s just ten sales. TEN.
That’s barely averaging over 3 sales PER MONTH to reach your goal.
===> Especially with the right plan and “Done For You” system in your hands.
By asking higher quality questions, we can collapse time and reach the incomes and lifestyles we desire and deserve, in record time.

93% of This is Gone…

93% of This is Gone…

It’s good to stop and rethink priorities.
There’s an article online called “The Tail End,” which powerfully shows how short life truly is.
Here’s one gem:
Turns out, by the time most of us finish high school, we’ve already used up 93% of our in-person, parent time.
That leaves less than 7% of our time left to be with them.
And for many of us, we now live in different cities and have our own families.
It makes getting together often hard to do.
Same goes if we’ve got brothers or sisters.
We may only have 10-15% of available time left with them now.
We’re in, “the tail end.”
The guy that actually wrote this article sadly experienced his dad unexpectedly passing away.
He was at his dad’s bedside.

Isn’t it true?

We never know how much time we have left with those we love, do we?
This can help us from time to time to RETHINK our personal priorities.
Not squandering away our life, our time, or the opportunities we have in front of us?
Making sure our focus is on the more important things.
Not sure about you, but I certainly don’t plan to spend the next 20 years stuck behind a stuffy cubicle.
Working 40 to 60 hours a week, M-F, and leaving no time to enjoy time with those I love the most.
Especially when there’s so many alternatives and ways we can work less, earn more, and have a great lifestyle and freedom.
What will you decide to do?

===> This is the path I’ve chosen

Nothing is Worth This Type of Sacrifice…

Nothing is Worth This Type of Sacrifice…

Nothing is worth this type of sacrifice if you can avoid it at all possible…

It’s not all about the income, right?

Just like this mother’s experience tells…

She pulled out of the daycare, wiping tears from her eyes.

The view of her little girl weeping, crying out “Mommy!” behind her as she sped off to her dreaded j-o-b.

That day?

With that image of her girl standing behind her still plastered in her mind.

Her tears turned into determination.

Rather than saying goodbye to her little girl…

She’d start saying goodbye to letting other people raise her daughter. She would say goodbye to trading time for dollars.

She’d say goodbye to others not respecting her time.

She’d say goodbye to having to turn to a glass of Merlot every night as her only way to distress and cope.

No more!


She’d start saying HELLO to daily playing at the park with her girl.

Laughter over tears.

She’d say hello to a just as good (if not better) income now built around a business and lifestyle on HER TERMS.

Which DID NOT include dropping her little jewel off at daycare, which only tore her up more and more, each day she was forced to do that in the not so distant past.

Yes, the income is nice and all, but it’s about soooo much more than that, isn’t it?


I’m curious.

What will you say goodbye to when you start having all the extra time, income, lifestyle, and location freedoms in your life, all…

===> By leveraging this simple system
There’s other options out there, but this is the best one that I’ve ever come across.

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