Are You Working Hard on the Wrong Things?

Are You Working Hard on the Wrong Things?

Do you feel like you are trapped in a cycle of working hard yet still lacking the fulfillment you desire?

Let’s talk about the first step to earning your first 10k in as little as 60 minutes a day…

If we’re used to working our tails off to earn a decent day’s wage, it can be hard to think you could earn much more, in just 60 min. a day right?

Some people even have their identities tied to the “work harder and longer than everyone else” to get ahead mentality.

And I totally get it.

It’s what the world has always told us to do.
Work harder to get ahead. I’m certainly no stranger or “hater” to being a hard worker. I was taught the value of working hard by both my parents and grandparents and I am hugely appreciative of the lessons I learned.

Just my philosophy has changed a bit now.

In order to free ourselves up to do, have, and be more of what we want? To not sacrifice our life for long hours in a j-o-b that doesn’t fulfill us anymore?

We need to do this first:

You MUST believe that everything is or will be easy, before it will actually become easy for you.

(Works in all areas of life!) This may sound ‘woo woo’ but stick with me here!

If not easy? If you worry or decide that something is or will be hard?

Then you’ll be fighting an uphill battle from the start no matter what it is. Doubt will creep in and infect your odds of success, greatly.

And here’s the thing…

I’d much rather make a good living as easy as possible… And work HARD on my family, my health, my hobbies, my communities, and myself.

Things that are important to us.

You too?

I can help you make the income part easy ….

Our first goal together will be getting you your first $1,000 commission. That’ll be enough to take the family out for a nice dinner.

And that’ll be just the start.

You’ll need about 60 minutes a day to start.
If you choose, in just a few minutes, you can be one of the few that know the secrets of high ticket affiliate marketing, and how you can make your first big sale over the next 30 days…

===> OK, I’m in…

How to Use Facebook to Generate Quality Leads

How to Use Facebook to Generate Quality Leads

In my humble opinion, the very best social media site you can use to get more sales is Facebook. Let me explain why…

First of all, Facebook Groups are one of the best ways to keep everyone in your business together. Your members can post comments, post results, and it really encourages everyone as a team.

To get new members into your group, send out an email out to your list, and give them your Facebook profile and just say, “Hey, if you have any questions, send me a message on Facebook.”

Facebook also gives you multiple communication channels. Because if email is the only way you communicate with your leads, you’ll eventually get in trouble.

People change their email address sometimes, and many don’t their check emails every day. So Facebook gives you another option to keep in touch with them.

Facebook also helps you increase your “social-proof.” Imagine someone looks at your page but they don’t yet really know who you are yet.

The first thing they will look at is how many members are already in the group. And if you already have 300 or 3,000 members, they’ll be more likely to join.

That’s why you need to invite ALL your friends and contacts to join your group, and actively recruit new members all the time.

I could talk a lot more about that, but I think that should be enough to get you started with Facebook. And if you want to become successful even faster, I have an incredible opportunity for you…

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A few years ago I was struggling, but then I found a company that handles product fulfillment, sales, website design, customer service, and merchant processing for me.

This company works with regular people (like us) and even gives you a coach who will teach you how to find leads.

Then all you have to do is bring in the leads – which I do mostly through free social media – and they do the rest.

You’re just one step away from changing your life and your financial future forever.

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How a Daily Routine Could Make You Millions

How a Daily Routine Could Make You Millions

When I was first starting in this business, I thought the answer to making more money was filling my head with more and more knowledge.

But I wasn’t making ANY money, and I finally realized that at some point I actually needed to start taking action.

I decided to schedule every single day around a consistent schedule, and that became my existence back then.

Every day I would wake up, go to my desk and start placing ads for about two hours. Then I would write an email for about two hours. Then for about one hour a day, I would call people on the phone, promoting and selling. And I’d also write a blog post every three days or so.

That’s how I would get leads and then I would follow up.

A good rule of thumb is to talk to three people a day…

The secret to success is having at least three conversations a day – whether it’s a Facebook chat, an email conversation, a phone call, or even talking to them face to face.

You need to be consistent every single day. Budget some time each day to place Facebook ads, send emails to leads, and force yourself to actually call those leads.

In the long run, your daily routine will create a much better life for you.

And if you want to cut your learning curve even faster, I have a good opportunity for you…

It’s called The Laptop Lifestyle System, and as of right now, the system has paid regular people like you over $103 million in commissions.

Just 8 months ago I was struggling, but then I found a company that handles product fulfillment, sales, website design, customer service, and merchant processing for me.

This company works with regular people (like you & me), gives you a coach who will teach you how to find leads.

Then all you have to do is bring in the leads – which I do mostly through social media – and they do the rest.

You’re just one step away from changing your life and your financial future forever.

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Content You Didn’t Know You Had and How to Use It

Content You Didn’t Know You Had and How to Use It

Content marketing is extremely important when it comes to navigating the online world. Knowing which content to market and how is equally as important.

From social media to blogging, it is crucial for a business to establish its identity and find elements that express it properly. Content that is relatable and can be easily shared will take your campaigns from good to great.

How do you stay Google-relevant while maintaining a unique content marketing strategy? Read on for strategies that will enhance your next campaign.

Move past corporatization

Now more than ever, businesses have an all-access pass to their audiences. There’s no need to have a wall between corporate and the customers. Forming real relationships with the people who love you brand will not only keep them coming back, but attract others as well.

Your customers need to know that you are people just like them. Your business should express the passion that you and your employees have for what you do.

Remove the veil of mystery of your business and be more open with your customers. How do you turn openness into content?

  • Utilize social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram to give a behind-the-scenes look at the work your company is doing
  • Confront rumors and myths through transparent and honest videos that allow your customers to interact and get involved in the process

Don’t be afraid to share those photos of late-night work sessions. Answer the questions that your customers have.

If you think that coming out and talking about some of the issues your company has, take this opportunity to address these issues and let people know you’re working on it.

Just because you’re marketing online doesn’t mean your company should get lost behind the internet. Show your customers real faces and establish trust.

Be more than just a brand

It’s one thing to sell a product and another to sell a lifestyle. Content marketing that offers a lifestyle through their products makes their products need, not just wanted.

Instead of beginning with a product, start with your targeted customer. Ask yourself the following questions when developing a targeted customer profile:

  • What is their life like at this moment, without your product(s)?
  • How would their life be better with your product(s)?
  • How does using your product make them part of a different class?

Think about how your product will fit seamlessly into the life of your targeted customer. Tailor your content to an individual customer rather than your brand.


Cater to your customers by:

  • Engaging with unexpected topics
  • Put forward content that creates unique experiences—videos, product presentation
  • Strive to work with like-minded collaborators
  • Targeting their personalities from music tastes to fashion interests

This strategy will require more care than simply posting a somewhat-relevant blog or barely meaningful photos. Dig deep into the psyche of your customer and use your content to reach them there.

Let your followers share their story

Your followers are a big part of your success. Without them, no one’s buying your products, sharing your videos, or reading your blogs.

Content that evokes emotion through relatable or provocative stories invited audiences to share such an experience. Of course, these stories need to be real, genuine, and purposeful.

Companies that are genuine in their aim to support their customers and hear their story will be successful. Letting followers be a part of the story by sharing their experiences and attracting likeminded people will build community amongst your customers.

Create a platform where your followers can share their experiences. Be it a forum, a video-sharing challenge, or a hashtag, give your followers a chance to connect with you and others.

Knowing how your customers use your product is valuable insight that can be used to deliver creative content. Content that captures attention, is relatable, and is easy to share will take off in virality.

Set your blog, articles, and infographics apart by:

  • Sharing information on general personal habits of your customers – people love reading about themselves!
  • Integrating attractive, original photos from your followers – stock photos are a turn off

There are variety of resources for your company to create content from. If your business has customers, that means you have just as many stories, photos, and knowledge to share that will express your love of what you do.

Showing your customers that you are more than just a company will take you a long way. For more ideas on how to create a unique, winning content marketing strategy for your business, check out my done-for-you system.

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Brand Through Influencer Marketing

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Brand Through Influencer Marketing

Word-of-mouth is one of the most valuable forms of marketing as it has been shown to influence 20-50% of all purchasing decisions. People will take the recommendation of a person they know and trust over a corporate ad any day.

Moving beyond family and friends, influencer marketing has weaved its way into a highly sought out form of personal recommendation. To demonstrate this, 40% of Twitter users made a direct purchase because of an influencer’s tweet.

Influencer marketing is word-of-mouth for the digital age. Your company can use people with massive online followings to advertise your products on social media. Here’s a breakdown of influencer marketing and where to start.

What’s an influencer?

A social media influence is someone who leads in a specific niche and can use their following to market products of companies who share the same customer profile as their followers.

There are different types of influencers and more than one might work for your company. Understanding how these types of influencers attract a certain type of customer will help you choose which one is best for your brand.

  • Celebrities
  • Bloggers
  • Micro-influencers

Celebrities are the most popular choice when it comes to endorsements. Major celebrities promote different products that are gifted to them or things they truly love or Instagram or Twitter. Some celebrities eventually go on to become official partners of a brand to create limited edition products and collections.

Influencers don’t always have to have a big name. Bloggers are a good choice for an influencer because depending on their field, they may have established a level of authority and expertise. Bloggers with strong followings in health, fashion, or technology have potential to spike an increase in sales with just one promotional post.

Micro-influencers have become extremely popular over Instagram. These people aren’t necessarily famous; they just happen to have many followers interested in a specific topic or product to make them a potential partner for a brand.

You may have seen micro-influencers with followers in the hundred-thousand’s promoting herbal fit teas, nutritional supplements, or clothing brands.

How do I find an influencer?

A large social media can be compelling enough to sign someone as an influencer for your brand. Don’t be so quick to send them your products just yet.

Ask yourself the following questions when considering a potential social media influencer:

  • Who are you trying to influence?
  • Who do your target customers trust?

An ideal influencer for your brand will need to be relevant to your brand. Remember that they will be sharing your company’s content and developing a following based on the market you want to target.

Resonance amongst your audience is another important quality for your influencer to possess. The potential level of engagement that a person can create with your target audience is incredibly valuable to your brand.

The benefits of influencer marketing

With the right influencer, you can reach a very specific audience that is ideal for the product you’re selling. By finding an influencer who shares the same interests as your product, you can assume their followers are the same.

A good influencer will be selective in what they choose to promote by rejecting those products they feel their audiences won’t gravitate towards.

Influencers want to get something out of your partnership. By creating content that is relatable, engaging, and sharable, influencers are gaining just as much exposure as your product.

With this motivation, the potential to go viral in comparison to a paid ad is much more likely. Organic buzz from these instances is a great way to increase your follower count and build up your email and targeting lists.

Even when a social media post is clearly marked as sponsored content, an influencer provides authenticity to your brand. An influencer that makes your product relatable by weaving their own story into it will receive a genuine response from followers.

70% of consumer’s value online opinions even if they don’t know the person. Influencers offer a tangible, human aspect to your brand that people can connect with.

Influencer marketing is only increasing in market share. While there are many benefits to incorporating influencers into your marketing strategy, take care to choose a person who embodies your brand and can reach your ideal audience.

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A Halt in Traffic: Here’s Why a Lack of Reviews is Effecting Your Business

A Halt in Traffic: Here’s Why a Lack of Reviews is Effecting Your Business

Reviews are a great way for your customers to get an idea of what your customer service is like. Through reviews they know what services your offer, how well you offer them, and the quality of your products without even leaving their home.

Reviews are also a valuable tool for a business to know what their customers think about them. It’s a convenient way to get honest feedback of your services and find out what you need to fix to keep your customers satisfied.

What your customers say about you is just as much advertising for your business as any marketing strategy you could employ. It’s unfiltered, honest, and sometimes a bit dramatic.

While reviews can be loud and sometimes deceiving, no reviews at all can garner the same effect. Are no reviews better than bad reviews? Read ahead to find out.

Is your business good or bad? No one knows…

90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. If there are no reviews, there’s no way for a potential consumer to know whether your business is worth visiting or not.

Google has made it convenient to avoid businesses that have a bad reputation without setting foot near their actual establishment. Ensuring good customer service, professionalism, and reliability are now easier than ever.

While this has made the shopping process easier on the consumer, the same can’t be said for businesses. Why would a customer visit a business with no online reviews when they can find a place that people can confirm they will have a good experience?

Place yourself in the mindset of a consumer. When you’re looking for a product or service, chances are you are not in the mood to experiment with quality and service. A business with a lack of reviews leaves much to the imagination.

Unfortunately, reviews are one of those things that without them, people will stay away. How do you get more reviews to establish the authenticity and reliability that you know your business has?

  • Encourage customers who buy a product to review your business at the check-out counter or shopping cart
  • Follow-up with a customer to see how they like their product or service and ask permission to publish their responses or quotes

Customers can’t trust your business

As with anything, rather than jump into something they know nothing about, customers like to do a little research about a business before they visit. They want to know all about who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

It’s fair to say you wouldn’t hand your money over to a stranger. Neither would a potential customer trust a business they know nothing about.

For instance, if you’re looking to get your wedding cake made, an online review of a local bakery could go a long way. What does this bakery offer? What do their cakes taste like? Are the bakers experienced in making what I want? Will they deliver on time?

You’re not going to go to a bakery that has no reviews. What if you get stuck with a cake that looks terrible or tastes… not like cake?

Your customer is the same. 72% of customers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more an 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Don’t make the review process a chore

It’s common for people to think “I had a good experience with this company. I don’t feel compelled to write a positive review because if my experience wasn’t positive, then I would let people know about it”.

This mentality follows the idea that people are more likely to post negative reviews rather than positive ones. You need to encourage your customers to move away from this mentality and share their good experiences, just as they share the bad.

Just because there are no positive reviews doesn’t mean there are no positive experiences—but your customers don’t know that. Increase the amount of positive reviews for your company by making the review process as easy and attractive as possible:

  • Send a direct link to your profile on review sites
  • Encourage your customer to rate your company on Facebook
  • Provide incentive for posting a review
  • Create a memorable customer service experience worth sharing

A few reviews are better than no reviews. Make it a point to share your positive reviews across social media platforms for maximum visibility.

The importance of online reviews

Business that are “comfortable” with their following and can’t complain about their profits tend to ignore online reviews. They are satisfied with what they can see in front of them, but they have no idea how the internet could ruin their reputation or stunt them from growth.

Online reviews influence:

  • Buying decisions
  • Online rankings
  • Conversion rates

Customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviews. Businesses that neglect the importance of online reviews are missing out on profits. They’re not necessarily losing money but they could be making a lot more.

There will always be competitors. Online reviews affect how you fare against local competition and can keep you aware of your shortcomings.

The more honest reviews you have, the more your product will sell because customers must find out for themselves if what is being said is true. These reviews are sincere and show that your company has nothing to hide.

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