Once you get used to this, it may even become FUN…
Learning how to master a 2-letter word can make all the difference in the world!
And the 2-letter word is?
Getting better at both saying no, and getting more comfortable at hearing the word no, can result in breakthrough after breakthrough. Your income can skyrocket. You’ll free up hours each day.
Saying no can also be hard can’t it?
We feel like we may be letting someone down, or it may feel like we’re rejecting them or will be judged ourselves.
There’s also FOMO. The Fear… Of… Missing… Out.

We just don’t want to turn down a good opportunity.
I get it.
But if we can let go of all that, and just so “No” when we need to?
Then we’re able to get results and focus on what really, truly matters to us.
This may help…
Imagine you’re going to the airport. You’ve booked and paid for a vacation to Hawaii.
The plane takes off in one hour.
Your friend calls and wants to have lunch.
“You down for tacos, buddy?!”
Would you have a problem saying NO to the invite?
Likely not, right?
Because, you have a clear purpose and destination. You’ve got an agenda.
Set plans.
There’s somewhere you’re going.
So here’s the thing.
Shouldn’t all our days be like this?
We don’t want to be like a ship at sail without a destination. At the whim of every wave and change of winds.
With a finite purpose in your days, just like being headed to the airport, it can be much, much easier to say no.

As I mentioned, being a bit better at saying no can free up hours and hours of your time. So if building a nice income on the side has been a big goal of yours, but time has been an issue…
This should help you free up the 30 to 60 minutes or so a day that’s required to build up to a nice side income.
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If you can find about 30-60 minutes a day, and can follow the plan, it can result in up to $10K commissions.
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