Work, pay bills, rinse, repeat…

When the next pay period rolls around, many people either have to slave at their 9-5 to earn more income for the next few weeks


they have to go hunt for new “meat” to feed and shelter their family, with their sales or commission-based careers, etc.

Either way…

It’s not always fun staring at a blank slate in your accounts every few weeks?

Having to start back from ZERO?

Yet, it can be tough to break free from this type of work/earn mentality…

Most of us were taught the old money earning model, so factories would be filled with plenty of workers.

Work your tail off, and then you’ll get a consistent, yet nominal wage for your efforts.

And if you’re loyal?

Maybe they won’t Can you!

Yet, this model for earning income is greatly outdated. And job “safety” isn’t a thing anymore.

Here’s a TIP:

Don’t WORK for consistent income.

Set up new SYSTEMS (automated) for regular paydays.

For example…

You can chop firewood to heat your home.

Yet, every morning?

You’re going to have to go outside in the cold and chop more wood.

You stop, and you’ll freeze to death.

This is like the 9 to 5 grind most are in. They have to go out and chop wood every day for pay.

And if/when they stop, their income stops.

However, you could switch the wood logs for Gas Logs? (A more efficient system for most.)

You could install a Heat & Air System.

Now all you have to do is turn the knob to get your home as hot as you’d like, w/o working any HARDER or LONGER.

Same applies to earning more income without working harder for it, make sense?

===> You just have to set up the SYSTEMS

A “good system” like this allows you to start earning $1K, then $5K, then $10K per month, in automated income.

Yes, you’ll need to go through the steps, and you’ll need to INSTALL the system in your life, so it can go to work for you…

Yet before you know it, you’re waking up to a regular income stream you don’t have to work hard for, and definitely won’t require a harsh 9 to 5 routine that you don’t enjoy.

At least Consider it, what have you got to lose except the 9-5??