Nothing is worth this type of sacrifice if you can avoid it at all possible…

It’s not all about the income, right?

Just like this mother’s experience tells…

She pulled out of the daycare, wiping tears from her eyes.

The view of her little girl weeping, crying out “Mommy!” behind her as she sped off to her dreaded j-o-b.

That day?

With that image of her girl standing behind her still plastered in her mind.

Her tears turned into determination.

Rather than saying goodbye to her little girl…

She’d start saying goodbye to letting other people raise her daughter. She would say goodbye to trading time for dollars.

She’d say goodbye to others not respecting her time.

She’d say goodbye to having to turn to a glass of Merlot every night as her only way to distress and cope.

No more!


She’d start saying HELLO to daily playing at the park with her girl.

Laughter over tears.

She’d say hello to a just as good (if not better) income now built around a business and lifestyle on HER TERMS.

Which DID NOT include dropping her little jewel off at daycare, which only tore her up more and more, each day she was forced to do that in the not so distant past.

Yes, the income is nice and all, but it’s about soooo much more than that, isn’t it?


I’m curious.

What will you say goodbye to when you start having all the extra time, income, lifestyle, and location freedoms in your life, all…

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