Would you like to work less? And play more?
The book, The 4-Hour Workweek, has been on the bestseller list for years now.
And from the countless number of people that have read it, I believe they have all come to a simple realization.
“I should work less… And have more adventures.”
Now I’m not sure what “adventure” is for you?
Traveling to Greece, Italy, Paris?
Touring pubs in Scotland?
Beaches in Costa Rica?
All of the above?
Maybe it’s more quality time with your mate, kids, or grandkids.
Could be learning a new language, or, mastering a musical instrument.
Maybe adventure for you is being done with work by noon, and then cooking great meals and hanging out with friends and family…
…Sipping Merlot, having great laughs and listening to your favorite music.
Whatever it is for you…
It probably does NOT include being stuck in a cubicle, in a j-o-b you hate or that takes up all your time.
It likely doesn’t include having no time for yourself, friends or family.
It won’t involve having financial worries or pressures either, right?
Now, you can have a great income, but no life. No time to enjoy what you have, with those whom you love.
The book calls those folks the “Old Rich.”
The New Rich (NR) focus on having the time AND income to do what we love, without being tied down by the shackles of a career, or anything else.
The core foundation to set this all up for yourself will be by leveraging…
Value has to be produced, something has to get done for income to come in regularly.
Automation makes it happen.
And that’s why the internet is so incredible for this.
You can set-up a business, on the side, to automate things so you have a nice income.
AND an incredible life.
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I simply choose and recommend this one, because nearly all the work has already been done.
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