The income can be great…what about the workload and the work-induced headaches that goes along with it?
There’s a bit of popularity right now for folks to start up their own Ad Agencies.
It’s a noble cause, because you are helping businesses get new leads and customers.
And it’s enticing because you can charge clients up to $1K to $2K or more each month for your services.
The drawback is, it’s a service biz.
First, you have to land new clients, and there is a lot of competition out there.
After talking on the phones and signing contracts, you then have to deliver results, month after month.
This means either you have to run all their ads, their SEO, or the content marketing etc.
Or, you have to hire and manage a team to do it all for you.
You have to deal with account shutdowns, disapproved ads, all that fun jazz…
It’s a great opportunity for residual income, but, there’s a lot involved in it.
Many do it, and they find themselves stuck in another j-o-b where they are the chief cook and bottlewasher!
A good solution, or better path to go?
High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing.
You can still earn nice profits, anywhere from up to $1k to $10K plus per sale, but without all the overhead and deliverables being on your plate.
And you’re still able to impact people, families, and the world for the better.
Nice, right?
===> High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing just depends on your which path you’d like to take…
Always weigh the risk/rewards.
And the time/energy it takes.
The choice is always yours.