Are you familiar with this concept of a “financial thermostat” from the great T. Harv Eker?

It’s one of the most powerful ideas about how to measure your wealth…

The Thermostat Concept

When you go into a room with air conditioning, the temperature is kept within a certain range. Let’s say the room is set at 70 degrees.

If you set the temperature between 68 and 72 degrees, and the air conditioning is on too long, the thermostat kicks in and it turns off. If it goes above 72 degrees, then again it kicks in and turns on the air.

Your Financial Thermostat

You have similar kind of thermostat range when it comes how much money you have in your life.

There’s a low range – and a high range – for the amount of money you have coming in and how much you can hang on to.

That’s why many people in this industry who make hundreds of thousands of dollars every month would go broke pretty quickly if they stop producing that income, because they spend it as fast as they make it.

How much money is coming into your life every month, and how much are you hanging on to?

The moment you start measuring how much money you spend every day, every week, every month, and you start looking at a visual representation of those measurements like a graph – it makes you become aware.

Just look at people who win the lottery… Suddenly they have millions of dollars in their life, but the vast majority of them lose it all within just five years later.

Becoming wealthy is actually NOT just about increasing your income. First and foremost, getting rich is all about your financial thermostat.

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