Most people get started in this industry because they’re looking for an easy way to make money online from home.

Just think about it… deep down, we all get started in this industry because we want to easily make a lot of money online.

That’s the Mindset you should have with your new leads and clients…

They are looking for a quick, easy solution to their problemsand they want to make money FAST!

The Internet has enabled everyone on the planet to get instant solutions, so the latest big shift in Internet Marketing is moving towards things being “Done For You”.

People love investing into a business that’s already “done for them,” because it’s less work for them, plus the possibility to make more money. 

The closer you can get to doing everything for them, the more you will sell (and the more you’ll make).

It’s definitely been one of the greatest investment choices for me!

In fact, if you’re a beginner, or a “rookie” in the online marketing business, there are 21-simple Steps you must take in order to become a Millionaire Online.

In fact, 22-year-old Steven Bransfield (or ‘Babyface’ as we call him) implemented all 21 of these steps to launch from zero to over $1 million in less than two years.

Steven just published a new video explaining step-by-step how he made it. Check it out…

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