Hi I 'm Sabrina

Freedom Advisor and Business Coach

I was born and raised in San Diego California. I have always been ambitious and a go-getter from the time I was a young girl. I took a few college courses but never got a degree as I found that with hard work and going the extra mile, I could go just as far within a company (that and I needed to pay rent!).

I also always knew I wanted to be IN CHARGE of my own life! And I knew I was put on this planet to Empower Others to go after their Dreams. After 18 years in Corporate America and working tirelessly to fulfill someone else’s legacy, I decided it was time to Take Action and Stand Up for my Own Life! An online opportunity literally appeared ‘in my lap’ one day while looking for business opportunities and I could feel instantly that it was where I was meant to be and so I planted my flag. I started my own online business working as a Business Growth/Education Consultant, connecting other Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and aspiring Entrepreneurs with the best possible Business Educational Resources that will set them up for Ultimate Success at whatever level of growing their business they are currently at. Whether a person is just starting to consider Entrepreneurship and needs help defining or creating their niche and lay a proper foundation, to those who are experiencing growth and success and need help with asset protection for the wealth they are creating, as well as those looking at the end game and needing to know how they can best organize and set their business up for a maximum payout when selling… I can connect them all along the way with eLearning/digital products, Live Training events, Summits and Masterminds to set them up for Success as they are building their business.
I took my 13+ years in Marketing and combined it with my Need and Calling to Help and Empower others to go after their Dreams and thus Your Freedom Track was officially launched in April 2017 after much training, coaching & mentorship myself. I have had great Successes right from the beginning and am looking to make the Greatest Possible Impact I can for people in our country and across the globe who share the Entrepreneurial spirit!
Although I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, I specialize in helping Military Service members who are either: 1) 12-18 months from Retirement or Separation & looking for an Exit Strategy or 2) Active Duty, Military Retirees and Veterans who want to get out of their current job to work for themselves or are looking for income to supplement what they currently make!
The Military Community holds a very special place in my heart! The Marine Corp has been part of my Family and support system my entire adult life. And I am SO blessed to now get to give back to those whose very actions allow me the Freedom to live this life I Love!

Please feel free to Contact me at any point if you’d like to talk about your personal situation and discuss possibilities for You to Exit your own Rat Race.

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